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The Day Proceeds

The Day Proceeds

the_day_proceeds1.jpgWhen the school assembly is over pupils and teachers begin the first lessons of the day. The Presidency achieves a rare combination of high academic performance and a good friendly relationship between boys and girls and their teachers. It may be formal, even a little less formal approach to work, but it is undoubtedly effective and successful.

We teach pupils to think for themselves, use their heads and hands to do some things - not only different things but to do things differently; to innovate; to explore to experience; and to use their skills in different ways.

the_day_proceeds2.jpgWe teach pupils to accept and respect other people.
We teach our pupils to be open to new ideas; nevertheless they succeed in their examination.

We maintain teacher - taught ratio of 1: 20 so that teachers and pupils can work together as individuals. A pupil can receive his / her proper share of the teacher's attention care and instruction.