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The Ethos

The Ethos


The Presidency is of course ‘Friendly’ in more than in one sense of the word. The school is guided by the tenets and the principles of Indian culture and tradition, - Peace, friendship and the fulfillment. The Presidencians are known and regarded for their openness, tolerance, kindness, integrity and honesty. They are a happy lot among pupils and people. They relate themselves easily with those who believe in joy and happiness of others. They are encouraged to see “light from whatever direction it may come” and to “seek that of God in everyone”.

At Presidency we seek to find and bring out each pupil’s full potential to encourage self – discipline and self motivation, to instill a sense of purpose and awareness of the needs of others; and to encourage responsibility and thoughtfulness in all that we do. It is this ethos of the Presidency which matters. It is the bench mark which makes the institution.

The well meaning discussions, the concern for peace and resolution in conflicts (even in thoughts and ideas) their interest in individuals make the Presidency thoughtful and supportive educators.

the_ethos2.jpgThe smiles that you see are natural and frequent.

You cannot explain but you can feel it there is something special and good about it; not in any sense sombre or superficial, but warm and welcoming

Even a short visit will help you experience it.