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The Presidency Public school was founded in 2002 to perpetuate the ethical values and ideology of a person – the teacher. GEMS was born. The Gopikunte Eranna Masteru Smaraka Educational Trust is a registered governing body which runs and manages the Presidency group of institutions. What was the motivation; or the ideology of starting the school - One may ask? How would SIRA a small rural town run a school! The answer is very simple. Why should SIRA children be denied the quality standard education that they would desire and deserve. The GEMS brings all that infrastructure, modern system of education and the public school concept to blend with Indian values, culture and tradition. The Presidency Public School is a co-educational Day cum Residential School with a permanent affiliation with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination – New Delhi.  The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations syndicate. The New Delhi Education Act of 1973 passed by a resolution in parliament, in chapter-under Definitions-Section 2(5) recognizes the council as a recognized body conducting public Examinations.The ICSE has been designed to provide and conduct an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Policy of Education 1986 through the medium of English.


  • The ICSE will ensure a general education without any diversification of studies on all candidates who are required to enter and sit for all eleven subjects.  

  • The ICSE is a class X examination and the standard of the examination pre-supposes a school course of ten years duration.

  • With the permanent affiliation status with the CISCE, The Presidency Public School Sira is recognized as an independent home center for conducting the ICSE Board Examination for its candidates.

  • The ICSE curriculum is so designed as to cater to the needs of the pupils who are inclined to set high standards and become achievers.

  • The basic focus of the school management therefore would be finding out the quality of education, teacher pupils ratio, methodology and mode of teaching, the pupils’ participation in the teaching-learning process, library and lab. facilities and information / communication technology.

  • Most of our pupils farewell at school leaving examination and enter the Presidency college where they are joined by new entrants, attracted by the Presidency’s approach to successful education.

  • Within short span of time the Presidency has developed a fine complex of buildings and an extensive campus in which the school now lives and works. The seclusion of the school’s 20 acres campus so close to the heart of Sira is one of its most valuable assets. Along the Amarapura Road, lies a lively green and vast attractive campus with attractive administrative and academic blocks, spacious green and well laid lawns, gardens, medicinal plants, coconut palms, play fields, rain water conservation plant besides a lake; a swimming pool and the dormitories, dining hall, kitchen, pantry the KG Park and the rows of cottage classrooms.

  • The sprawling campus is not only well planned but also meticulously maintained. It is a harmonious blend of the building structure with a picture perfect surrounding.

  • Class rooms: large airy well lit and cross ventilated rooms provide an ambience with which the children immediately fall in love. They become instinicly possessive and do not easily give up their won “little worlds” in their respective classes.

  • Laboratories: Meticulously maintained well equipped Science Labs, one each, in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer science enhance “hands on experience” by different sensory perceptions. The labs hold a magnetic spell on all young scientists.

  •  The computer education is an integrated part of the state of art computer lab. with more than 30 systems with all accessories / internet / LAN / printing and multimedia systems required for board based information technology.

  • Library: A well stocked library with in the academic block is often a well sought after recluse. The carefully chosen books are “readworthy” of the pupils. It includes books-general reading, reference, encyclopedia, video and audio tapes and Cds. The library catalogue has the library book index cards. The library is upgraded year after year with additions and latest arrivals. A library hour is scheduled for each grade. A full time librarian – a teacher supervises and guides the pupils’ reading hours in the library. A digital library is in the pipe line.

  • The school has a farm land of 5 acres. The school dairy provides required milk supply while our vegetable gardens supply the fresh vegetables for our use. An orchard is coming up. The palms are yielding. They also lend an attractive aura to the farm land landscape.

  • Our co-education system is through out the school years. So the boys and the girls play their full parts in the community right from their Kindergarten times.

  • The school recognizes the value of teachers. The teachers are drawn from different parts of the country – Kashmir to Kanyakumari – a spectrum of unity in diversity, – a well cherished blending of professional approach with love and affection to their taught. It is the precious wealth of the school. The Presidency values it most.

  • Through out its history the Presidency has been quietly influential in many fields winning awards and recognition at all levels of school education.